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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Trade Stand Site Application Form is merely an ‘Invitation to Treat’, the point of contract shall be when the cheque in payment is banked.
  2. The Organisers of South Gloucestershire Show (SGS) reserve the right to refuse entry should any details given on the Trade Stand Form be incorrect. This is with particular reference to details of goods / display of which a full and accurate description must be provided. Any material deviation from this description may lead to the trader being asked to leave the Showground and any refund will be entirely at the discretion of the Organisers. Suspicion of counterfeit goods, ‘Legal Highs’ or smoking paraphernalia, being traded or the sale of restricted goods to minors will result in ejection from the Showground.
  3. The description of what is considered acceptable for sale at this family event remains at the discretion of the event organisers.
  4. Traders/Exhibitors access to the Showground will be 12.00pm to 8.00pm on the Thursday and Friday before the Show and 8.00am to 9.30am on both days of the Show.
  5. The Showground must be vacated by all traders/exhibitors by 6.00pm on the day after the Show concludes.
  6. All vehicles entering the Showground on show day must display a pass. All staff on show day must present a pass. Site speed limit for all vehicles is 5mph.
  7. All sites must be staged, manned and open to the public from 10.00am to 5.00pm on the days of the Show, during which time no trade vehicles are allowed to move on the Showground.
  8. The availability of any particular site within the Showground cannot be guaranteed.
  9. No part of the stand, including vehicles, is allowed to exceed the allocated site. Please ensure that all marquees, tents, awnings, guy ropes, tow bars etc. do not obstruct any adjacent site or stand. Please ensure that contractors erecting tentage or equipment observe this regulation.
  10. Exhibitors are asked to clear any rubbish from site, including grass cuttings if the site has been mown.
  11. No petrol generators will be allowed on site.
  12. Only the amount of LPG gas required by any trader/exhibitor for the purpose of the show will be allowed on site. Anyone using LPG gas must ensure this is included in their risk assessment. All LPG gas equipment must have current relevant gas safety certificates and the organisers must be provided with a copy.
  13. As a South Glos Show Exhibitor, you permit the Show to take photos and media to be used within future promotional material.
  14. Exhibitors/traders requiring electricity supply must give an indication of loading requirements on the application form.
  15. All applications for electricity must be made in advance and any late requests cannot be guaranteed.
    1. Exhibitors who have paid for electrical connections, will be contacted on arrival at the Showfield by the organiser’s qualified electrician. Unless alternative arrangements have been made, the power to the stand will be 13amps controlled by a 30mA RCCB. Any variation to this supply will be charged at a cost.
    2. All connections to the exhibitor’s stand will be checked and controlled via a RCCB circuit breaker rated at 30mA, in accordance with current Health and Safety guidelines. 14d. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that his/her equipment complies with all current electrical regulations and will work on a RCCB circuit breaker prior to attendance at the event.
    3. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that his/her equipment complies with all current electrical regulations and will work on a RCCB circuit breaker prior to attendance at the event.
  16. No Exhibitor may sublet any part of the site duly allocated without prior consent from the organisers.
  17. No exclusivity of trades is offered or implied without prior arrangements.
  18. All stands must clearly display their registered business name and address and have comprehensive indemnity insurance to cover all risks. The South Gloucestershire Show does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the safekeeping or security of any property. All Exhibitors must be able to prove on demand that they are adequately indemnified to cover all claims and they are reminded that liability for death or personal injury cannot be disclaimed.
  19. No Exhibitor shall call attention to their goods or services or use any amplification equipment or any machinery so as to cause annoyance. The selling of goods by auction is prohibited.
  20. Live animals, birds, fish etc. are not to be offered as prizes nor offered for sale without previous consent in writing.
  21. Large scale promotional & sampling activities are only available with sponsorship packages by prior arrangement with the organisers – if in doubt, please ask.
  22. Frequencies of mobile radio equipment must not conflict with Show equipment.
  23. Exhibitors are prohibited from selling any food or drink from their stands unless written permission has been obtained in advance from the Show Organiser and any necessary licences obtained.
  24. Any organisation wishing to make appeals for contributions or to operate a draw, raffle, tombola or such like, must obtain written permission from the Show Organiser in advance of the Show. Only our Nominated Charity will be permitted to collect donations during the weekend of the Show. In any event, appeals will not be permitted from outside the confines of the allocated stand.
  25. All Exhibitors must comply with all relevant food safety and health and safety legislation of which they must make themselves aware.
  26. Trade passes are not transferrable to members of the public.
  27. All persons wishing to remain on the Showground overnight must do so within the designated camping area or at the the rear of their display area at the discretion of the organisers. Individual requests by prior arrangement only.
  28. A curfew of midnight will apply to all exhibitors staying overnight. The curfew includes amplified music, generators and large gatherings of people. A reasonable standard of behaviour will be expected at all times.
  29. Smoking is not permitted within the marquees, tradestands or other tented areas.
  30. Any exhibitor who cancels his reserved site, for whatever reason, shall forfeit all fees paid and the South Gloucestershire Show shall reserve the right to re-let such sites.
  31. The Organisers retain the right to cancel a booking without reason. In such circumstances the fee paid will be returned in full but no other claims will be entertained. This applies when a trader refuses to accept any space allocated.
  32. If the event has to be cancelled, interrupted or curtailed for any reason, the Organisers shall not be liable to make good any loss incurred by any party booked for the event. It is advised that you take out appropriate insurance protection against risk of cancellation or abandonment.
  33. In the result the Exhibitor passes are lost or forgotten, Exhibitors must purchase replacement tickets at the gate, at the ‘on the gate’ price. These are likely to be more expensive than the advance tickets. The remittance for funds will be granted after the Show, the request must be made to and will be dealt with by the event organisers.
  34. The Organisers offer no warranty as to the public response to the Show or to the level of business likely to be generated. The Exhibitor should not enter into any contract as a result of any representation or warranty given or made on behalf of the Organisers.
  35. The Organisers disclaim all liability for any accident, injury or loss howsoever caused except for personal injury or death arising from the negligence of its employees or agents.
  36. All electrical and gas equipment must be satisfactorily shielded from the public and comply with current health and safety regulations. All traders must supply their own fire fighting equipment and brief their staff as to action to be taken in the case of fire or other emergency.
  37. The Organisers suggest that all traders should have appropriate insurance protection against the risk of the cancellation of the event.
  38. All site rules are at the discretion of the organisers.
  39. Any member of The Showman’s Guild opening at the South Gloucestershire Show agrees to do so outside of the Showman’s Guild two year ruling.
  40. If you consider you have been unfairly treated in any way, please make your complaint in writing within 28 days after the Show, to South Gloucestershire Show, Mr. D. Hawkins, South Glos Show, 61-67 Rounceval Street, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol, BS37 6AS