This Year's Show Buy Hospitality Tickets & Save! 4th & 5th August 2018

Gregor Heating Main Arena

The Main Arena is at the very heart of the show with loads of exciting spectacles to watch.

Whether it's thrills, spills or skills you're keen on, the South Gloucestershire Show 2018 will be alive with everything from daredevil horse riders to beautiful birds of prey. Take a look at all of the excitement in store for this year's South Glos Show!

The 2018 Gregor Heating Main Arena Schedule Coming Soon

Russian Cossack Riders – Stampede Stunt Company

The South Glos Show 2018 welcomes Stampede Stunt Company to the Gregor Heating Main Arena. Bringing skills learnt from training in Russia, Stampede Stunt Company will be performing Dzhigitovka, a brand new horseback stunt and trick riding arena show.

Performed by world champions to exciting Slavic music and including military weapon skills, blindfolded ticks, fire stunts and even a human pyramid upon horseback, the Stampede Stunt Company are set to excite all guests of 2018.

Wings of Wales Falconry

The birds of Wings of Wales Falconry are sure to swoop this year’s guests of their feet as they fly into theĀ Gregor Heating Main Arena.

Wings of Wales was stablished in 2015 by conservation photographer and birds of prey handler who has since been working around the world educating people about the wonderful birds of prey and their habitats. Joining us at this year’s South Glos Show, Wings of Wales will be flying these beautiful birds around the Main Arena for all to see.

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