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Gregor Heating Main Arena

The Main Arena is at the very heart of the show with loads of exciting spectacles to watch.

Whether it's thrills, spills or skills you're keen on, the South Gloucestershire Show 2017 will be alive with everything from daredevil dogs to motorcycle stunt men. Take a look at the excitement in store at this year's South Glos Show!

2017 Main Arena Schedule – COMING SOON

Steve ‘Showtime’ Colley

The South Glos Show are excited to announce the Enterprise Car Club Steve Colley Motorbike Stunt Show taking on the Main Arena for 2017.

With multiple titles to his name including 3 times British Solo Trials Champion, 4 times winner of the Scottish Six Days Trial as well as many more.

Steve is one of the worlds’ best trials riders and will fill our Main Arena with his dazzling tricks and stunts. He is the only trials rider in the world to perform (or who is mad enough to perform) the famous ‘Mono Bike’ stunt, involving a bike with no front wheel or brake!



Rockwood Dog Display

Rockwood Dog Display are also brand new for 2017 and will be leaping into the Gregor Heating Main Arena.

Visitors of all ages will love these talented dogs as they perform obedience and agility, demonstrating their skill and courage. The display culminates into an exciting relay race – who’s the fastest dog in town? Make sure you cheer on your favourites this year at the South Glos Show.

The Ham National

Five of the world’s top athletes will trot through the Main Arena – of course these athletes are not those you see in the traditional world of sport – they’re pigs!

The racing is all in aid of our 2017 Nominated Charity, Meningitis Now, so show your support at this year’s Show. Don’t feel guilty supporting the race, these pigs are trained and the family pets of Joseph (of Josephs Amazing Camels seen at the South Glos Show 2015).

The races will also have their own personal commentary from local comedian Joel Dommett. Remember pets not pork – see you there!

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