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Main Arena

The Main Arena is at the very heart of the Show with lots of exciting spectacles to watch.

At the heart of the South Glos Show lies the Main Arena, which is the perfect place to witness a wide range of exciting spectacles. From shetland pony displays and birds of prey shows, the Main Arena promises an action-packed weekend of entertainment.

At the heart of the South Glos Show lies the Main Arena, where all the action takes place! This year’s lineup promises to be as exciting as ever, with a thrilling range of spectacles that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Watch in awe as equestrian display teams perform captivating skills and formations, and marvel at the beauty and power of majestic birds of prey.

The Main Arena is the perfect place to enjoy a range of exciting entertainment that the whole family will love. So don’t miss out on the fun and make sure you catch all the action in the Main Arena at the South Glos Show!


Shetland Performance Display Team

The Shetland Performance Display Team is a dedicated group of registered Shetland ponies that showcase their incredible skills through display races, relays, and other captivating performances. The Shetland pony is one of Great Britain’s indigenous Mountain & Moorland breeds, and their performances aim to promote the versatility and charm of the Shetland pony breed.

The Shetland Performance team pride themselves on delivering exciting and entertaining performances that leave our audiences amazed. Whether it’s thrilling races, precision relays, or synchronised formations, the ponies and talented riders are sure to captivate viewers of all ages.

Wings of Wales Falconry

The birds of Wings of Wales Falconry will be back in this years Gregor Heating Main Arena to swoop our guests off their feet.

Wings of Wales was established in 2015 by conservation photographer and birds of prey handler who has since been working around the world educating people about the wonderful birds of prey and their habitats. These beautiful birds will be flying around our very own arena for all to see.

Thomas & Steven Longton Sheepdog Display

This year we’re excited to announce that Thomas & Steven Longton will be joining us to demonstrate their Sheepdog Displays.

Thomas & Steven have taken part in giving Sheepdog demonstrations with sheep, geese and/or ducks all across the British Isles for over 20 years at large country shows as well as small village fetes. He has appeared on various Country TV shows on the BBC; including ‘One Man and His Dog’.

At this years South Glos Show, we are delighted to welcome Thomas & Steven and their fury friends to share with us their amazing Sheepdog demonstration. The display presents an educational experience, where the skill and commitment of a working sheepdog doing its daily work is exhibited. However, there is also plenty of amusement for the family, especially when the ducks start to misbehave… this is a display not too be missed!